等一個人咖啡/Café. Waiting. Love. Synopsis


Tbh I had no interest in watching this movie after checking out the trailer back in the summer. Not sure what turned me off. I mean, the trailer was perfectly lovely and all but … seemed a little too ordinary and I didn’t think I’d like it. Boy, was I wrong. This rom-com had a good balance of funny and moving moments and is perfect for the romantic in you. It’s a little bizarre at times … but I think that’s just Giddens Ko’s trademark.



Si-Yi is a freshman University students that starts working at Café. Waiting. Love after she notices that the handsome Senior that she has a crush on frequently hangs out there. The day she gets hired, Ah Tuo, another senior, enters with his friends and gets teased relentlessly since it is rumored that the cool Lesbian Barista (Ah Bu) who works at the cafe stole his girlfriend. Si-Yi angrily defends Ah Tuo and in thanks, Ah Tuo offers to take her to the movies. After numerous coincidental encounters, Si-Yi and Ah Tuo becomes good friends. Slowly Ah Tuo starts having feelings for Si-Yi but she is still crushing on the handsome Senior from the Café. How will this love triangle work out?


This movie is based on a novel of the same name by Giddens Ko/九把刀 and is part of his romantic novel trilogy (tho the stories are not linked in any way). I remember back in 2011 when Ko’s You are the Apple of My Eye/那些年,我們一起追的女孩 movie came out I really REALLY wanted to buy the book but it was sold out EVERYWHERE. Then one day, when I was chilling at 7-elevens, I saw this book which … I debated on buying for the longest time ever. Ended up not getting it and… slightly regret it now 😦


(L to R) 小S(Dee Hsu), Megan Lai, Vivian Sung, Bruce, Vivian Chow, Gidden Ko, Kevin Tsai

The cast of Café. Waiting. Love plus Ko visits KangXi/康熙來了 (episode 2014.09.01康熙來了完整版 玉女掌門人老闆娘初體驗 ) and talks about how Vivian Chow came to appear in the Movie and some behind the scene stories.



This movie was beautifully shot and well casted which brought the story to life. Was it ridiculous at times? Was it too corny, cheesy and unrealistic? Definitely. But that’s Ko’s charm and the movie wouldn’t be the same without it.


My favourite part of the movie was near the end where Si-Yi was confessing her crush to the handsome Senior. At one point, he points out to her a magical red thread which was tied around her pinky. In Chinese legend, this string connects you to the person you are destined to meet and it will never break regardless of how stretched or tangled it may get. As a hopeless romantic, I love knowing that somewhere out there in the big, wide world there is someone fated for me. Someone who’ll be worth waiting for ❤


「 每一個人,都在等一個人.  等待一個,能看見妳與眾不同的,那一個人。」

“Everyone is waiting for someone. Waiting for that one person who can see the you that shines.”


「 愛情需要的巧合,比妳想像中的還要多。」

“Love requires coincidences, even more so than you may imagine.”





Vivian Sung/宋芸樺 (22) plays Si-Yi/李思螢

Si-Yi is a freshman at University with a girl-next-door vibe. She starts working at Café. Waiting. Love because she notices that the really handsome boy she’s been crushing on seems to frequent it. She’s a strong-minded girl who won’t stand by when she sees injustice or cruelty happening around her. She meets Ah-Tuo coincidentally and they become fast friends.

Vivian is a newbie and this is her first movie appearance. In the past, she appeared in numerous micro-films and a few MVs, notably Mayday/五月天‘s 三個傻瓜. Even though she’s new, her performance was solid imo. I’m convinced that she shines more in fresh-faced student roles (such as this one) than when she’s wearing heavy make-up and trying to look mature.


Bruce/布魯斯 (24) plays Ah Tuo/曾元拓

Ah Tuo is senior at the same University that Si-Yi goes to. He’s a goofy, carefree, happy-go-lucky and hardworking guy who keeps his words (literally). He’s kind of a legend around the campus because of three INSANELY embarrassing things he does because he lost three separate bets. He has a crush on Si-Yi but knowing that she likes another boy, he is willing to just be good friends. He works multiple part-time jobs in hopes of saving up enough to travel around the world one day.

This is also Bruce’s first film appearance and as one of the leads. Don’t know much about him but his performance onscreen was quite wonderful. He was really natural as Ah Tuo and had great chemistry with Si-Yi. Not to mention incredibly brave and thick skinned since he had to spend like 1/3 the movie like… half-naked. o_o


Vivian Chow/周慧敏 (47) plays the Proprietress of the Café

This beautiful lady is the co-founder and owner of Café. Waiting. Love. She is forever sitting beside the window and starring sadly into space. Giving off a melancholic and despondent aura, it comes to no surprise that she is heartbroken.

Vivian Chow is a veteran HK singer and actress who has since retired. She is a goddess and was dubbed by the media as the “eternal maiden queen”/玉女掌門人 for her elegant and ladylike image. Giddens Ko is a huge fangirl of Vivian and was apparently always present at the shooting location whenever she was filming her scenes. He talks about how much he’s liked her since his college days on KangXi and how grateful he is that she was willing to appear in this movie  and help him realize his dream.


Megan Lai/賴雅妍 (37) plays Ah Bu/阿不思

Ah Bu is a legendary gay Barista that is known to be able to make any kind of drink the customers may order. She is a person of little words. frequent death glares and gives off a cool, cold aura but I find her insanely cool.

Megan Lai seriously ROCKS that short-do! I really wanna try out her hairstyle but I think I’ll resist chopping off my locks until summer rolls around. This Taiwanese singer and actress is also known for her appearance in Meteor Garden II, Mars, and Miss Rose.


Marcus Chang/張立昂 (29?) plays Ze-Yu/楊澤於

Ze-Yu is the handsome, angel-like senior that Si-Yi has a crush on. She meets him after he helps her up after she has a near death experience with a bus when crossing the road. He visits the Café a lot and frequently has dates with very pretty girls. He has a huugggeee secret but you’ll have to watch the movie to figure it out 😉

Marcus is an actor, songwriter and has the nickname of “Little Chestnut”/小栗子 by his fans which I find is kinda really cute. This is also his first appearance in a film and apparently he graduated from the University of Auckland in 06! I find it kind of weird that his age doesn’t appear on his wiki or Baidu page but I’m assuming that he’s around 29ish (if he graduated at 21).


Lee Luo/李鑼 (47) & Pauline Lan/藍心湄 (49) are both veteran Taiwanese Entertainment senpai/前輩 and hilariously guest stars in this movie. Lee Luo plays a gangster mediator and Pauline plays his sassy wife. Their role is honestly so funny and ridiculous I dare you not to LOL.


Ahhh, my eyyeeessss are burning


Movie OST

林芯儀 /Shennio Lin – 等一個人/ Waiting for that Person


周慧敏 Vivian Chow – 咖啡在等一個人/Coffee is Waiting for a Person


庾澄慶 Harlem Yu – 缺口/Gap